John Siniff

Executive Vice President

John is a veteran journalist who brings a newsroom’s approach and perspective to Subject Matter’s diverse campaigns and content. He works with clients across an expansive menu of issues and needs, whether developing effective content strategy or directing executive communications. John specializes in storytelling that is authentic, informative, persuasive and actionable. He believes the best stories feed the mind and touch the heart. In his 20-year career at USA Today, John was page one editor and cover story editor, shaping the daily coverage across USA Today’s print and digital platforms. John also directed the op-ed page for nearly a decade while serving on the newspaper’s editorial board, thus helping to guide and inform wide-ranging debates on the issues of the day.

  • Family first.
  • Runner (chasing 3 young boys).
  • Makes food analogies like widgets.
  • Longhorns, Astros, Spurs.
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