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Meet Nicole Cornish, our new president and chief operating officer

Subject Matter | 05/23/2017

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Nicole Cornish as our President and Chief Operating Officer. Nicole is a brilliant, engaging, analytical thinker who knows how to make a growing organization like Subject Matter more effective for our clients and...

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A guide through the halls of Congress

Subject Matter | 05/02/2017

While policymakers walking the halls of Congress and the White House might change every few years, Jamie Wall is a consistent figure in our nation’s legislative corridors. To say Jamie’s entire life has been steeped in politics is an understatement....

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She went from reporting the news to shaping the conversation

Subject Matter | 04/10/2017

Nothing fazes Courtney Laydon. That might be because as a broadcast journalist for more than a decade, she reported on the DC sniper attacks in 2002, got up close and personal with wildfires in Northern California, and covered the Jerry...

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