We are an entirely new powerhouse.

A balanced team with the spirit of a start-up and the experience to back it up. A complete agency that elevates our clients’ messages and reaches their highest goals.


Government Relations

Crafting and executing advocacy strategies for your subject matter.

Steve Elmendorf, Jimmy Ryan and our team of senior lobbyists are notable for their depth of contacts and breadth of experience. We understand that a multifaceted campaign is necessary to successfully accomplish strategic objectives in today’s public policy debates. By providing a full range of government relations services — from strategy to long-term legislative planning to lobbying — we advance your issues as policymakers debate complex proposals and make decisions affecting your business.


  • Strategy Development
  • Long-term Planning
  • Research
  • Message Development
  • Communications Training
  • Lobbying
  • Coalition Building
  • Political Participation Strategy


There's a secret to making your subject matter.

A successful concept grabs attention, then provokes thought and emotion. Our team expertly conceives and executes ideas big enough to span all media — from traditional to digital to non-traditional — while compelling your audience to think, feel, act or change behavior.


  • 360 Campaigns
  • Branding
  • Design
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Out of Home
  • Online
  • Mobile
  • Non-traditional
  • Media Strategy and Buying
  • Viral Videos
  • Guerrilla Tactics
  • Experimental
  • Conference and Event Marketing

Digital Tools & Websites

If technology doesn't connect with people, it doesn't matter.

Technology is a creative medium. It brings people together, improves communication, informs and engages. The most meaningful websites and digital experiences are rooted in a well-crafted communications strategy and tailored to the unique behavior of the audience. Our technologists work closely with our creative content specialists to ensure impact both online and offline.


  • Responsive Website Design and Development
  • User-centric Design
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Applications and Tools
  • Physical Computing
  • API Development
  • Message Development
  • Strategic Guidance and Consulting
  • Metrics and Analytics

Content & Thought Leadership

Editorial content is at the core of every communications strategy.

Storytelling is a craft. Only the most compelling stories tailored to each audience will be successful. Our mix of veteran journalists and policy experts bring depth and sophistication to the craft. Our team makes complex stories easy to understand and, capable of reaching a broad audience. Content might mean an op-ed, a blog post, a video or a complete editorial strategy. Each element is tailored to drive home your message.


  • Strategic Guidance and Consulting
  • Message Development
  • Editorial Planning
  • Op-ed Strategy and Development
  • Writing and Editing
  • Live Event Coverage
  • Infographics
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social Media Content Development
  • Blogging

Media Outreach

If your subject matters to the media, they'll cover it.

Our skilled media specialists have both the political and newsroom experience necessary to position your subject for success. Our team shapes and pitches stories to broadcasters — including Spanish-language outlets — across the nation. Our in-house broadcast facility is connected via satellite to the world.


  • Satellite Media Tours
  • Radio Media Tours
  • Bites and B-roll Production and Distribution
  • National, Statewide and Local Pitching
  • PSA Distribution
  • In-studio and On-location Interviews
  • Production Support for Events
  • Spanish-language Outreach
  • Webinars and Webcasts
  • Audio News Releases
  • Targeted Digital Media Outreach
  • Op-ed Writing and Pitching
  • Media Training
  • Coverage Monitoring and Analytics
  • Message Development
  • Strategic Guidance and Consulting
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Video Production

Video is a powerful, flexible tool to deliver your message.

Our experienced team is ready and able to fulfill your needs, no matter the location. Our downtown Washington, D.C. offices include a fully equipped broadcast studio and staff who can deliver everything from 30-second spots and long-form videos to unexpected viral campaigns. We can also deploy to anywhere in the country — or the world — and coordinate with our vast network of local contacts to create videos on budget and on time. Our in-house team of storytellers, producers, videographer, editors, animators and composers knows how to craft your story and move your audience.


  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Studio
  • Green Screening
  • Editing
  • Film and Video
  • Still Photography
  • Color Grading
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Audio
  • Music

Federal Communications Strategy

Federal government initiatives are complex and critical.

Our country turns to the federal government for the most challenging missions. Whether its responding to a natural disaster, mobilizing an entire nation for a population count or fighting the spread infectious diseases, these complex and critical issues require specialized communication efforts. With decades of top-level government experience, our team is uniquely qualified to develop modern and effective communication strategies, which can withstand scrutiny from oversight and full comply with government contracting requirements.


  • Federal Communications Plan
  • Advertising and Outreach Strategies
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Content
  • Thought Leadership
  • Editorial Planning
  • Content Development
  • Journalistic-style Video Production