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Rob Cogorno

Rob Cogorno

With experience at the center of the major public policy fights in Congress over the last fifteen years, Rob Cogorno brings an unparalleled expertise in the legislative process to Elmendorf | Ryan. In particular, Cogorno offers clients a singular understanding of the complex dynam- ics in the House of Representatives and the House Democratic Caucus that ultimately shape legislative decisions for the two parties on both sides of the Capitol.

Most recently, Cogorno served as Floor Director to Representative Steny Hoyer in both his Majority Leader and Demo- cratic Whip offices. In that capacity, Cogorno oversaw the Leader’s floor staff which directs day-to-day legislative activ- ity in the House of Representatives. As the Leader’s chief liaison to Committee Chairmen and Chairwomen and their staffs, and other Members and their offices, Cogorno managed implementation of the Democratic strategy, counting votes and building support for leadership-backed legislation.

Prior to working for Rep. Hoyer, Cogorno served as Research Director and Appropriations Policy Advisor to House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt for eight years. As a senior advisor to Gephardt, Cogorno developed floor strategy for the consideration of all appropriations bills and served as the Leader’s chief liaison to the House Appropriations Committee. During the Clinton Administration, Cogorno’s role required that he regularly coordinate activities with the White House and relevant federal departments and agencies.

Additional legislative experience includes positions with U.S. Senator Brock Adams and U.S. Representatives Rosa DeLauro, Peter Visclosky, James A. Hayes, Cathy Long and Gillis Long.