Elmendorf | Ryan

Building Strategic, Successful Campaigns

Elmendorf | Ryan understands that a multi-faceted campaign is necessary to successfully accomplish strategic objectives in today's public policy debates.  Providing a full range of services, we guide our clients through each element of the process to help them achieve their goals.

Our experienced team of professionals can respond to your campaign through the following key services.


Elmendorf | Ryan will help your organization design, build and execute a strategy to accomplish your goals in Washington.  Our team has significant insider expertise managing the development and promotion of policy initiatives, and experience providing strategic advice to corporations and associations seeking legislative results.  Elmendorf | Ryan will help you chart a path through the complex Washington political process by developing a strategic plan that takes into account the political, economic, and substantive realities surrounding your policy goals.

Long-Term Planning

Elmendorf | Ryan will help your organization anticipate problems and identify and plan for opportunities. What is the emerging political environment in Congress for your issue? Who are the key decision-makers?  What is the most efficient and productive way to utilize your organization's resources? Elmendorf | Ryan can design a program to build the relationships with policy-makers who will impact your business in the future.


Elmendorf | Ryan brings to the table real relationships with the key players in Washington, real access to them, and a willingness to put those relationships to work for you. From U.S. Senators and Administration officials, to legislative staff, to the schedulers that actually put the meetings together, Elmendorf | Ryan has the relationships necessary to get you information from, intelligence about, and access to the people you need to see.

Political Participation

A crucial part of relationship building is active participation in political campaigns. Elmendorf | Ryan can develop a cohesive plan for your political activities - identifying target races, balancing donations across the aisle and in both houses of Congress, selecting the best targets for concentrated fundraising efforts, and advising your PAC on how to plan for the future.


Elmendorf | Ryan understands the ways in which communications shape policy and the legislative process, and its principals have extensive relationships with Capitol Hill reporters and the national political press corps.  We will advise your company on the most effective paid and earned media opportunities, and support the media professionals you have selected to be a part of your team.

Coalitions, Groups & States

Identifying and contacting decision-makers in districts and States, and building relationships with organizations that share common goals, are crucial to your success.  Elmendorf | Ryan has relationships with governors, mayors and State legislators, and can utilize those contacts to further your goals in Congress.  From grassroots and "grass tops", to focus groups and third-party organizations, Elmendorf | Ryan will utilize all necessary resources to ensure the success of your public policy campaign.  We appreciate that building a bipartisan team to pursue all available avenues will be a crucial element of your ultimate success.