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  1. Elmendorf listed as Washington Life's Power 100 5/1/2014 | Washington Life

    On the D’s side, Elmendorf, who spent 12 years as a senior advisor to House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt, is one of Washington’s top lobbyist and strategists. His firm Elmendorf-Ryan Communications, launched in 2006, handles high-risk issues that are close to his heart – including the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Human Rights Campaign – although he also has corporate clients like Verizon, General Electric and Goldman Sachs. Through the years, Elmendorf has hosted many Democratic fundraisers and has had a hand in picking the next generation of political players, including the chairman of the board of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which finances LGBT candidates. He could very well be the Bob Strauss of his generation.

  2. Elmendorf Named One of the 30 Most Influential Out Washingtonians 1/23/2014 | National Journal

    Elmendorf, 53, counts the Senate's passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act as his greatest success in the private sector. He worked the issue extensively in the 1990s while on Majority Leader Dick Gephardt's staff. Now president of the all-Democratic lobbying firm Elmendorf Ryan, he lobbied lawmakers to pass the legislation and was shocked at the shift in lawmakers' opinions over two decades. "It's pretty amazing how the world has changed," he says.

    Active in the gay community, Elmendorf is chairman of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, which aims to elect gay lawmakers. He's also involved with Whitman-Walker Health in Washington, a clinic that focuses on helping HIV/AIDS victims. A graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., Elmendorf described his graduate school as working on Walter Mondale's 1984 campaign.

  3. Steve Elmendorf Discusses WH Midterm Agenda in The Hill 1/22/2014 | The Hill
  4. Steve Elmendorf on The State of K Street in The Hill 1/7/2014 | Roll Call
  5. Jimmy Ryan quoted in Politico Influence on the prospect of moving legislation in 2014 1/2/2014 | Politico
  6. Elmendorf and Ryan: Top 100 Lobbyists of 2013
    10/30/2013 | The Hill

    Among the thousands of advocates in the nation’s capital, only a select few have risen to the top of their profession to earn a slot on The Hill’s Top Lobbyists list.

    Some of the Top Lobbyists are hired guns who have proven to clients that they can shape the agenda on Capitol Hill.

    Others are advocates who derive power from the grassroots, turning old-fashioned organizing into potent political power.

    Some work for a single business or corporation, giving them the ability to speak with authority on economic and tax policy.

    Last but not least are the lobbyists and leaders for trade groups, who help industries present a united front in legislative battles.

    While everyone on the list exerts influence in Washington, not all of them are registered lobbyists.

    Since The Hill began publishing its Top Lobbyists list more than a decade ago, the word "lobbyist" has become a "Scarlet L" that many strive to avoid.

    The industry has also expanded into new forms of advocacy that go beyond face-to-face meetings with decision makers.

    The Hill uses the term "lobbyist" broadly here to encompass the people who are working day in and day out to influence federal policy.

    While not every advocate on the list fits the traditional K Street mold, they all have one thing in common: a proven ability to make things happen in Washington.

  7. Conversation with Steve Elmendorf: LGBT Politicians
    6/5/2013 | Comcast Newsmakers

    There are seven openly gay, lesbian or bisexual lawmakers serving in the U.S. House and Senate. How are they affecting Congress’ ability to get things done? Robert Traynham speaks with Steve Elmendorf, Board Chair of The Victory Fund.

    Visit The Victory Fund on the web at www.victoryfund.org, www.facebook.com/victoryfund or on Twitter at @victoryfund.

    Click to view via Comcast Newsmakers

  8. 50 Politicos to Watch: Lobbyists
    7/12/2012 | Politico

    Steve Elmendorf came to Washington nearly 30 years ago to work on Walter Mondale's presidential campaign because he "didn't have anything better to do" after college. He stayed and is now one of the best-connected power players in Washington.

    There isn't a Democrat on Capitol Hill who doesn't know Elmendorf's name. He is widely recognized as a master fundraiser, a respected lobbyist and a longtime political insider.

    After serving 12 years as a senior adviser and later chief of staff to House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt, Elmendorf was a senior adviser to Gephardt's 2004 presidential campaign, John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign and Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.

    This year, however, Elmendorf is tapping into his tea-leaf-reading skills, and said 2012's year-end drama on the budget and taxes is the same old show.

    "Having gone through things like this, you know what the big pieces are. And the reality is that the world doesn't change that much," Elmendorf told POLITICO. "The thing that's different probably from the rest of the year is that it's so focused – you have 30 days or 60 days and a lot of pressure to get stuff done."

    "I think we've been talking about this now for the last two years and there have been so many of these significant efforts that people have culled through all the policy options and they're all laid out on the table," he added.

    Luckily for Congress, the hard part is mostly over, Elmendorf said.

    "The policy expertise is less important," he said. "I don't think we're going to be dealing with a lot of new policy. It's going to be much more important what the politics are and the extent that people are willing to compromise."

    Elmendorf, co-founder of the lobbying firm Elmendorf Ryan, officially works on behalf of his firm's dozens of big-name clients, all of whom have a lot at stake in tax, budget and deficit negotiations. Among them are UnitedHealth Group, Citigroup Management, Goldman Sachs and Union Pacific Co.

    With his long-standing relationships in Congress and at the White House, he's as good a handicapper as any.

    "I learned that there are two different ways of doing this. One was the '93 budget act where we passed groundbreaking legislation and we did it without one Republican vote," Elmendorf said. "Then there was the '97 budget deal which Clinton and Gingrich did. It was a bipartisan bill that people on the right and the left weren't happy with."

    "My guess is that you're going to have to do one of the bipartisan deals," he predicted.

  9. Steve Elmendorf named one of Washington's most powerful, least famous people
    10/11/2011 | The New Republic


    President of Elmendorf Ryan

    Even people who don't recognize Steve Elmendorf's name will recognize the policies that bear his hidden imprint: NAFTA, McCain-Feingold, and the Iraq war resolution, to name a few. Those bills are part of the legacy that Elmendorf built as a high-powered Hill staffer and long-time chief of staff to Representative Dick Gephardt, the former Democratic House leader. Elmendorf was widely known as Gephardt's "guru" in the House, and he was crucial in spurring the congressman to run for president. After Gephardt's 2004 campaign folded, he was snatched up by John Kerry's team. Since then, he hasn't strayed far from the presidential periphery; through a friendship with David Plouffe, Elmendorf enjoys easy access to Obamaworld, while also maintaining a position as a lobbyist at his five-year-old firm Elmendorf Ryan, where clients include Citi, Ford, the Human Rights Campaign, Microsoft, the NFL, and Verizon. A final sign of Elmendorf's lordliness: a permanent reservation at Tosca, a chic Italian restaurant in downtown D.C., midway between the Hill and the White House.”

  10. Shanti Stanton: 40 Under 40
    05/23/2011 | Washingtonian
    “Tony and Heather Podesta may be Washington’s favorite lobbying power couple, but Matt and Shanti Stanton also make an impressive husband/wife duo. Shanti, an expert in House floor procedures after serving eight years with former Democratic leader Richard Gephardt, was one of the first lobbyists whom veteran Washington powerbroker Steve Elmendorf hired for his firm. Since joining him in 2007, Elmendorf says Shanti has been a consistent source of new business. He also praises her relationships with so-called Blue Dog Democrats. Shanti, a self-proclaimed generalist, lobbies for such companies as Delta, MillerCoors, and Microsoft.”
  11. Steve Elmendorf was featured on a panel as part of the National Journal Insiders Conference. 03/29/2011 | National Journal
  12. Steve Elmendorf quoted in National Journal (11/11/2010) on “The New Power Players” in Washington; saying about Bill Burton:
    “If you’re going to deal with the press, you’ve got to be an honest broker, and you’ve got to be fair,” Elmendorf said. “You’ve got to be tough sometimes, but you’ve got to do it in a nice way … and I think that’s the great thing about Bill. He’s fair and honest with people.”
  13. Steve Elmendorf quoted in National Journal (11/11/2010) on the challenges facing Democrats after the mid-term elections.
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