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About us

Elmendorf | Ryan is unique among Washington lobbying firms for our breadth of experience, depth of contacts, and commitment to achieving our clients’ public policy objectives. 

The Elmendorf | Ryan team is comprised of senior lobbyists who have experience in the highest levels of congressional leadership, working for committee chairmen, on the House and Senate floors, and with the intra-party constituencies that are crucial to tactical planning.  All of our talented professionals – and the contacts they have built with their years of service on and off the Hill – are put to work for our clients.  At Elmendorf | Ryan, we take pride in our long-standing relationships with key staff, Members, and Administration officials, and work hard to forge honest, collaborative bonds with them.  These relationships help ensure that our clients’ voices are heard as proposals are developed, and that they have a seat at the table when the decisions that affect their businesses are made.

Elmendorf | Ryan professionals also have unrivaled political experience – on Congressional and presidential campaigns, in major coordinated campaigns at the DCCC and the DSCC, and with the outside interest groups that play such a major role in today's legislative battles.  Whether behind-the-scenes or in official leadership roles, the principals at Elmendorf | Ryan have worked at every level of the political process and can help organizations participate in an effective manner.

Finally, we pride ourselves on exceptional client service.  At Elmendorf | Ryan, we realize how vital these public policy issues are to the future of our clients’ business, and we appreciate that they have entrusted us to see them through.  We work collaboratively with other government and public relations professionals, and understand how to coordinate and meaningfully contribute to the kind of large-scale policy campaign that leads to success.

At Elmendorf | Ryan, we regard our clients’ successes as our own, and do everything possible to achieve their goals.  We invite you to learn more about our services and we look forward to discussing your company’s needs in Washington.

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